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Sifu Michael Steigerwald:

Michael Steigerwald has been studying Asian Martial Arts since 1967. Originally from the Wichita Falls area, he served in the US Air Force and eventually settled at McGuire AFB in New Jersey. It was there that Sifu Steigerwald was able to study for the past 28 years directly under the sole U.S. representative of the Taichung Martial Arts Association in Taiwan, Grandmaster S. L. Martin.

During his martial arts career, Steigerwald has obtained instructor certifications in Japanese Judo, Okinawan Karate and Chinese Kung Fu. He is currently an 

assistant coach for the Texoma Judo/JuJitsu Club under head coach Roy Hash, he is also the head instructor of the Green Dragon Kung Fu class, both located at the Bill Bartley Family YMCA in Wichita Falls.


Sifu Steigerwald for many years was also a top rated competitor on the east coast, earning hundreds of awards and competing on several teams representing the United States in international competitions.


Steigerwald has recently returned to the Wichita Falls area and will now be teaching his martial arts to prospective students interested in learning the style of martial arts known as "Kung Fu."


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Sifu Steigerwald with students in Taiwan Sifu Steigerwald with Grandmaster SL Martin Sifu Steigerwald demonstrates tiger claw Sifu Steigerwald receives award Sifu Steigerwald and daughter Lindsay



What is the Martial Arts? The term "Martial" refers to war or the physical training required for combat. The "Martial Arts” were initially designed for combat in the feudal days of Asia. It was the Buddhist Monk Damo's influence in 520 AD that probably was responsible for the input of spiritual and mental training into the Martial Arts. Modern Martial Arts training is therefore designed to promote a high level of physical prowess, mental awareness and spiritual development.


The Green Dragon Chinese Martial Arts School sponsors a program of Chinese Martial Arts training designed to offer prospective students the opportunity to learn traditional Chinese Martial systems of Southern China. A program of Chinese traditional weaponry, empty hand fighting, self defense, Asian culture, and physical conditioning is available to qualified applicants to the school.

The system of martial arts taught by the school is called "CHUNG KUO CHUAN - KUOSHU", which means Chinese Boxing - National Art of Martial Technique". The system reflects the training postures of the Tiger, Crane, Dragon, and Praying Mantis. Most Chinese Arts are commonly referred to as KUNG FU, but this is not actually a proper term since Kung Fu really means the accomplishment of any task or hard work. In "China" the proper term that is used is WUSHU (Military Art), while Taiwan uses the term KUOSHU (National Art). The techniques taught in the school can trace their roots back to the original style which came from the Shaolin temples of Honan and Fukien in mainland China.


The training regimen in the school is quite demanding, and strict codes of discipline are enforced. Depending on availability and criteria, most students can expect to attain advanced level ranking in two to three years of dedicated training. Competition training and tournament participation is available to those who wish to pusue the sport aspect of the martial arts and additional programs may be available to private groups.


Our purpose is to develop competent Martial Arts students for the betterment of the student, the community, and our society. It is our hope that the Martial Arts will be looked upon for its true values.




Classes now forming here in the Wichita Falls, Texas area! Learn the chinese method of martial arts known as "Kung Fu". Classes are available for children (youth through pre-teen), and for teens and adults from 7:30 - 9:00 pm, every Tuesday and Friday. This method of self defense and physical fitness is similar to the martial arts style made famous by the popular movie actors Jackie Chan and Jet Li.  This method of martial arts was also seen in the hit movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." This ancient martial art style has its origins from the well known "Shaolin Temple" of China and is an excellent training program which will help it's participants learn self defense, develop their physical well being, and improve their mental focus and concentration skills. Students will learn the methods of the Tiger, Crane, Dragon and Praying Mantis...just as the ancient monks of China developed hundreds of years ago. Come and check out this unique opportunity to learn.......KUNG FU!




Traditional Chinese Kung Fu

Students will have an opportunity to learn traditional Chinese kung fu as practiced by the ancient monks of the famous Shaolin Temple of China. Shaolin Kung Fu is unique in that the martial arts techniques often mimic the movements of various animals in nature. The ancient monks often observed creatures in the wild and then created fighting styles which imitated these animals. The animal styles which are taught and practiced in this class will include: Tiger, Crane, Snake, Leopard, Dragon and the Praying Mantis.


Physical Fitness & Coordination

Classes will include a rigorous training regimen which will improve stamina, physical conditioning and overall health. Students will get a fantastic work-out while learning key motor skills and improving hand-eye coordination. Students will improve their ability to learn new physical skills which may require rhythm, balance, and coordination. As students advance in skill level, they may begin to learn how to utilize various traditional weapons and incorporate them into their martial arts routines for both exercise and self defense. This training further refines hand-eye coordination which can improve skills in other sports activities. Lastly, concentration skills and mental focus is significantly improved by training in Chinese Kung Fu.


Chinese Culture & Language

Students will be immersed in the culture associated with this ancient art. They will learn basic Mandarin Chinese phrases and vocabulary during the course of study in this kung fu style. They will become aware of the Asian culture and learn the virtues of respect, humility, self control and compassion. Respect for elders is a key trait of the Asian culture and is emphasized in the course curriculum.


Effective and Realistic Self-Defense

The program teaches all aspects of the martial arts which includes not only physical and mental development, but also focuses on the “practical” side of the martial arts which obviously includes personal self-defense and self-protection. Students are taught how to best avoid physical confrontation, but sometimes avoidance is not an option. As such, the program will teach realistic self defense techniques which are very effective when applied properly. Although realism is emphasized in the program, SAFETY is the primary focus. All physical training is conducted with appropriate supervision and makes full use of all available safety equipment and training apparatus. Every effort is taken to ensure the safety and well being of all it’s participants.


About the Training

Training in the Martial Arts is designed to cultivate and stimulate increased physical prowess, cardiovascular enrichment, self defense, sport, Asian culture, and an overall condition of Homeostasis (Complete unity of body health). The proper study of the Martial Arts serves to give students a feeling of self confidence based upon individual accomplishments rather than team victory or defeat of an opponent. Martial Arts training can be entered into at a very young age, and it is very common to see young children studying the Martial Arts, as well as being dazzled by the feats of students who are in their sixties or seventies. Discipline and structure are the key words in our schools. Students are taught to be mannered, respectful contributors to their communities, and our overall society.


Advancement and Promotion

Students are advanced in rank based upon completion of designated rank requirements. Tests consist of both a practical and a written examination. Testing is held several times a year for ranks below Black Belt level.


Advancement is an individual endeavor, and is based upon individual initiative, physical and mental ability, character, integrity, and dedication.


Additionally, young students are often required to show academic report cards to their instructors as an indication of required academic stability in their communities.


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